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These people rock! Want to have a casino party? Check them out! It was like being in a real casino, but more personable and friendly… The dealers were all very professional and engaged the guests… It was just crazy fun and awesome.
– Selayma Anan

What a great experience! Prestige came out to our company event and what a great time! The dealers were all so patient and personable, especially Sharon, Deann and Arnold! They kept taking the time to teach us the proper etiquette and were extremely funny! We loved them! We are already making plans for them to come back out!
– Summer Miguel

Our Holiday Party was a huge success thanks to Prestige Casino Party of Sacramento. Your professional dealers and customer service exceeded our expectations. We look forward to using them again at future events. Thank you so much!
Monique Arellano

The absolute best service I have ever experienced! I have never ever had a business owner go so far out of her way to make things work against all obstacles!!! Being a business owner myself I really really appreciate her efforts and wish others would care as much as she does. Thank you for bringing the party and helping ensure there is one!! I will continue to use her and highly recommend anyone considering a casino themed party to. You won’t be disappointed. Cheers and thank you Michele!
Mia Lam

This was the BEST birthday party to date! Michelle and her crew were timely, professional, friendly and fun! The dealers were personable, helpful and a blast to learn from! What I liked most was that regardless of “gambling experience” they made everyone feel like a pro! They even taught us table etiquette for future experiences! We will definitely be having another Prestige Casino Party! Thanks again!
Taren Ogata

Their dealers were helpful and friendly, everyone at our company party had a great time. Not one person could say anything negative about their casino experience, it was truly the most fun our company has had in years. The added element of an activity paired with their staff’s positive attitudes really kept our party alive with many people staying until the very end of the night that usually left after dinner was finished. We appreciated the lessons that the dealers provided during game-play. We had a lot of inexperienced gamblers come up to us and state how much fun they were having and how fun it was to learn how to play all the games provided. 10/10 would book again!
Melissa Melendez

Our community service club runs a poker fundraiser every year that funds college scholarships. This year, coming out of COVID, we had to find a new dealer company to provide us equipment and dealer services. WE used Prestige and it was a success. The best we have ever done and it was in part because of Prestige. They were on time, helpful and professional. The person they sent to run the tournament gave us suggestions and ideas and then ran with them to great effect. The equipment (chips, cards and tables) were all in top notch condition. I cannot say enough about how awesome Prestige was.
John Mckinsey

Thanks Prestige Casino for your excellent service, the casino was so much fun. The guests were happy and were impressed. Sharon and Art were the best a well, they guided us all throughout on how to play the game.
– Ann Belarmino

100% Recommended! We had a wonderful experience with Michele , Art and everyone else who came and made our event! The event and process was smooth, fun and knowledgeable!
– Kelly Chavez

Dealing with 125 high school kids overnight for a grad night party isn’t for everyone, but Michele and her team took on the challenge and owned it. The kids had an amazing final night of high school the Prestige team made it extra special.
Tony Webb